Rescue Journal

Radar and Norton

Alison  ·  Nov. 24, 2006

Somethings just move you to your very bones. Somethings just slice into you and leave you feeling haunted. Somethings should just never be a part of a good persons life. like the loss of everything you know.

Norton and Radar are here. Norton is an old, old basset. He is sweet and trying really hard to make sense of where he is. Radar, at this moment is a possibly dead dog, i can't say dead dog walking, because he cannot get up to his feet. he is blind and deaf and demented, his back end is gone and he cannot stand up. he is reactive and in agony and biting if anyone even thinks to go near where he hurts.

i did not ask their mom, what has happened and she did not once bemoan her fate. all i know is that i saw a woman who loved her dogs and could not care for them anymore. i suspect that she was homeless, the dogs plentiful blankets and beds are dripping wet. she now has a place to stay with a friend, but the dogs could not go too. not once did she complain about what i told her, that she could not visit them and was no longer responsible for their care. i told her that Radar might not be able to stay here and if i couldn't get his pain controlled quickly, i would have no choice but to let him go. not once did she argue or try to negotiate different options, she just accepted what i said and was grateful that the dogs could be here.

i spent the day regretting my decision that they could come. thank god i am a an utterly spineless fool and let them come anyway. these dogs would not have lasted an hour in a pound. they both have bite histories related to pain, and both of them are far too old to find a home unless a miracle dropped out of the sky.

and interestingly enough, for once it is not the dogs who have moved me beyond where i want to was their mom whose sadness broke into my soul.



...pretty much yes...but maybe start with that feather duster thing and see how he does....i picked up some REALLY good pain meds from the vets for him today. i have already booked a home euth for him for monday if we can't get his pain under control by then. i also bought 4 big washable throw rugs with rubber backing to give him some grip....but we would still like the carpet please caroline...i want it for that back room behind the bunnies to make a quiet area for volunteers to actually sit and discuss stuff without warm and fuzzy bodies crawling all over them and looking for treats if they want a minute or two to plan our next project without a bunch of happy but needy distractions.


michael afraid of someone, that is not good. maybe michael needs ttouch aswell.
i will try to come out tomorrow after soccer. since he likes to eat the hands that touch him, is he only sore/reactive on the backend?


if you do nicole can you try some TTOUCH on radar please? michael is afraid of him.


k, i thought i had got my saints fix this weekend, but it looks like i will have to come out again to meet the new guys.


Welcome to SAINTS Radar and Norton... Norton, could you have a little heart to heart with Radar, and just encourage him to give that new 2legged creature a try. She is your new mom and has a wonderful way of knowing what is good for you. Just trust her and all her friends. She has soft beds for you to relax your aching bones on and probably a little medicine also. If you're really good, she might still have some delicious brownies in the fridge.

Blessings to Radar and Norton's former owner... She has likely crumbled tonight since leaving SAINTS and her beloved dogs. I hope she will find some peace in in the assurance that they are safe, dry, fed, loved and made comfortable for whatever time they have left.


and radar if you quit trying to bite her, she might be able to get you off that cold freaking floor and onto a soft bed!


Welcome Norton and Radar. I hope you soon realize that you are safe and warm,lots of food and cuddles too. I can't wait to meet you both.


My thoughts are with that woman tonight. I hope she, too, lands in a "soft place".

Norton is personality plus. Other than being a little fussy about having his feet and ears touched (and believe me, the temptation to play with those looooong soft basset ears is great!), he seems good natured albeit a bit lonely and confused right now. I hope he settles in quickly.

Radar makes my heart break. He has a wonderful old face like Bill's, grey muzzle with wise old eyes that have seen a lot. Yet now he is so out-of-sorts, unsure where he is or what is happening to him, unable to move, his whole world turned upside down and his body betraying him. Radar, this may seem like your worst nightmare, but if you tell Carol your needs, she will hear you. That's what SAINTS is all about.

I hope they both have a good night's rest, Carol, and that you do, too.




Chris Thomas

Wow, Carol. Difficult situation. I am sorry I don't have any words of wisdom for you. At least Radar and Norton landed in a soft place where they will be loved and cared for until the end. You do extremely difficult work. Take care of yourself.