Rescue Journal

so...we are woefully unprepared for winter up here.

Alison  ·  Nov. 27, 2006

and we better get it figured out pretty darn quick. so i am making a list of what we need to survive here and some of it is really expensive.

we need:

a small generator (just big enough to run the water pump should we lose electricity for any length of time.

we need a small snow blower (i can't believe you freaking sold one at a garage sale jean, are you nutz!!!) to clear a path so we can at least move feed and water to the barn and other animals as needed.

we need a weeks emergency supply of all the different feeds up here for when we can't get into the feed stores.

we need heat bulbs in the barn and above the chickens water and that means a couple of really good weather proof long extension cords too.

we need some kind of snow sled that i can pull bales of hay, bags of feed or bottles of water around to the barn when i can't drive over there.

we need a ski type wheel barrow so i can move it in the snow for cleaning out the stalls.

we need to repair the damaged chicken run and then switch the roof wire from chicken wire to a heavier bigger gauge so the snow is less likely to get built up on there.

we need several days worth of water for all the animals stored somewhere where it won't freeze.

maybe the snow bank is easier.



I've had remarkable luck getting freebies and cheapies on Craigslist. I would suggest Carol authorize someone to post and take the messages. :)


I know waht is that ..that is why i let it go it became to much work for me to worry about in a day with out enough time in it already.. In a perfect world some one else would do all the leg work and you and i could stnad there and jsut point. put it there..

I better get off of here before i go into a tirade.. i have warm water to pail out that will keep me busy


sorry janice, i have been so overwhelmed, i forgot all about it. anyway, we will pass...i can barely get thru the days now, can't afford the energy involved in a major shed moving project.
sorry, i should have told you sooner.


Any news on the shed move , there is a small workign fridge in it too?


i just have the catroom to finish and then feed the barn guys...i will be done in an hour or so.

nicole...can you please add an electric oil filled heater to the wish list please...i just stole the sick cats one (ogidie was happily baking) and put that one in the dog is cold in there tonight. thx!


I'm guessing the suggestion re dinner is directed at me (well, or at anyone else who might want to join us....)....Sure, I left you a phone message. I am well on the road to tonight you can complain about your aches and pains and I will offer sympathy instead of the reverse.:)


well no goodies today, and all you missed was some heavy lifting and moving and really good company, i am tired and hungry and my back is sore...the drive way is clear, do you want to have a late dinner in town? (i have to do the inside cleaning first tho.)


the wishlist is updated, please check it out and forward it to anyone you think may be able to help. If you cannot get the item(s) out to SAINTS, we can try to arrange transport.


No fair! Carol, telling me about Tunie's laughter AND Deb's goodies when I can't get over there is like kicking me when I'm down! And I thought you didn't have a mean bone in your body...pout, pout, pout.

Deb? If you use Ferndale to get to SAINTS, you'll go right past my place first ..........


AND no whatever it is that deb is bringing out here today either cuz she is doing a big feed run for us with her 4X4 and i bet she brings something that tastes really good too.
hope you feel better soon, we miss you....copper is getting antsy, and yesterday i heard tunie laugh, gosh that was funny...she literally goes, ha,ha,ha, it was pretty darn cute. a pig with a sense of humour, go figure.


Hmmm.....Shrek movies and Deb's brownies....maybe I'll go look for a good snowbank for you. :)

The good news is, the place I work is closed again today so I don't even have to think about whether to go to work. The bad news is, I pulled or tore a muscle or ligament yesterday (NOT at Saints - moving furniture at home) so won't be going anywhere for a couple of days since I can't dig out my car and driveway which are now caked in ice. No barn work or snow shoveling at SAINTS for me for a few days.


I gave up on the poop pile weeks ago ; - ) as for the tarp, we do need to pull it back further now that the shavings have worn down... or use the board to hold back the tarp....of course this is after you've cleaned off the 100 ponds of snow... no problem eh! its like soup.

c smith

phone the firehall, RCMP and the prison Lions, Elks.

they might be able to help with a generator, skidoo or know of ones you could borrow

As you leave your place, drive past the Prison, the last house on your left before the intersection, had skidoos in the yard when we visited last summer

c smith

post on Craigslist, and the other sites in the freebies what you need

also in the pet sections

who on brindleweb had tv connections they could perhaps do a winter blast story about you



maybe that is why the weekend mo!!! it\'s all your fault!
oh and mo...while i think of it, how do other people get under the tarps to get at the wood chips when the tarps are covered with several hundred pounds of snow?
enquiring minds want to know.

we did miss you by the way.

oh! and i didn't mean to wreck the manure pile but we lost the plywod, its buried. sorry.


Waaaaa Waaaaaa Waaaaaa.. so easy for me to say after a SAINTLESS week-end.. I totally missed coming out this week-end and completly loved the pictures of Sunday... man that looks beautiful. You guys definatley had more than your hands full !! I'll see if I can't score something on that list.


i had pneumonia when we moved last december, i was stunned for weeks...i thought that was why everything was so frigging hard, ooops, wrong again! plus we could actually store hay and feed in the barn instead of my van. we should send the pig and swinger  back so we can have the storage areas again.
and sigh....i promise to set the place up well so it is easy for you to look after them all before i find my snowbank. i will leave you my shrek movies and debs magic never empty brownie pan too!


Carol, you moved to that location last December, so you've survived winter before. So forget the snow bank, 'cuz I am absolutely NOT going to end up looking after the Crocodile and Phoebe and Copper and Maude and all the other noisy, leaky, poopy, ornery, sweet, lovable, funny SAINTS. They may be no more difficult than my students, but at least I get a break from my students every three months.
So.... you've made the list. Now we just have to strategize so we can figure out how to get those things, and quickly. And I'm sorry about the snow blower. Oh am I sorry! [says she as she looks at the heaps of snow between her back door and the end of her driveway......]
To all our readers.... please think who you know who might have one, donate one, build one, fund one, steal one...oops, scratch that last one. :)