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Home needed fairly urgent

Julie  ·  Nov. 29, 2006

My sister has temporarily taken in a youngish neutered DMH black and white cat. She can't keep him because her cat Tess wants to kill him, and we aren't sure how he would be around my baby niece. Miao (pronounced meow -my 3 year old nephew named him) is affectionate but has questionable social skills. Abanoned a year and a half ago with his mate, they and thier brood of about 10 kittens were all rounded up at taken to a no kill shelter in Abbotsford. Not sure of the whole storey but i think his mate was adopted, not sure about the semi feral kittens. Miao would like a nice quiet home where he could still play outside, with a family who has no small children and few pets. Thank you! (cross posted to brindle)



to make things easier?? This is all the information I have on Miao at this point: some from my sister, some from a neighbour she talked to.

he and a female torbie were abandoned about a year and half ago. they got very prolific in the baby making and the neighbour had had enough so she trapped them and about 10 young ones and took them to a no-kill shelter for neutering. they were basically unadoptable because they had become so wild. after a year the neighbour has the female to the point where she will live under the deck with a bed, litter box and food... said neighbour tried to bring the cat in but kitty went nuts and she had to let her out..

we think someone brought miao in and tried to keep him as he was gone for a long while and came back chubby and shaved. but seems to have no intention of staying where he was.

we have no real proof of to his interaction with children, and the place he is currently staying, one of the resident cats is very agressive towards him.


I don't know if there is any way to check on Miao's mate, or if he himself was adopted and wandered off or what exactly happened. My sister was told all of this by a neighbour. He keeps coming to her place cause that's where he used to live. Should he find a home willing to take him in she will be very careful as to his placement. It's all a little confusing at this point.


Most shelters require that an animal that doesn't work out be returned to that facility. You may want to check the adoption contract, as this is usually written right into the agreement.