Rescue Journal

it was a good day at saints

Alison  ·  Nov. 29, 2006

radar passed as peacefully and gently as i could have imagined. a huge thank you to peter from aegis vet ambulance service for his expertise and respectful kindness and as always our wonderful vet colleen for a quiet peaceful ending free from stress or fear. it was a good ending journey from start to finish, run free radar, be at peace.

sandy the little psycho separation anxiety dog is just moving forward in leaps and bounds. she hasn't torn up anything in over a week and today started to play with a poor armless stuffie named barney. apparently she likes purple as much as i do. i am so glad we have been able to help her get happy without any medications. we would have gone that route if needed but sandy is figuring it all out on her own. good girl!

norton has decided that michael is his new best friend and playmate. it is pretty funny watching him poke and prod and try to hump our cranky old troll. michael for some reason isn't complaining, i think deep down he likes feeling like he is a special friend.

all the dogs enjoyed their afternoon run, they missed the one this morning because i was busy with radar. maude ran and ran, and then she jumped a tall gate into the open garage and sat in jeans car waiting for some more adventures to begin. that dog is amazing.

the final good thing for the day is pippa has a home trial coming up. she is going to try it out at johanna's who many years ago adopted mighty mouse from me. she called today and she used to walk pippa and mighty mouse about 8 years ago for pippa's senior lady and knew her very well for 3 or 4 years. she was surprized to hear that pippa was here and so she has offered her a home. we will do a trial and make sure this is what pippa wants, and i so very hope that it is.



I'm so happy to hear about Pippa. Paws crossed that this home works out. Her previous owner would be so pleased. Good on yah Pippa & cheers Carol!


Good bye Radar. I hope you find happiness in your next life. Rest in Peace old fella,finally free from pain!


Run free, Radar. I'm sorry you came to SAINTS too late for us to get to know you, and I'm sorry that it was necessary for you to come to SAINTS at all. I'm glad your passing was peaceful, and I shall remember your beautiful face with its wise old eyes and big ears and lovely gray whiskers.


Goodbye Radar, and Godspeed. You have left behind all pain: physical, emotional, spiritual, and you are now free to be the dog you used to be before everything went so terribly wrong for you and your human.
Carol, what is there to say? In a life full of peaks and valleys, you have spent far too much time in the valleys lately. Thank you for giving Radar a good death, he deserved the compassion you showed him. I hope you will be as kind to yourself......