Rescue Journal

animal updates

Alison  ·  Dec. 1, 2006

sickies on watch for this week are...moses, spritely, and baby jack

our resident head cases: phoebe is out of sorts and irritable with the cold, maude continues to put all oldtimers to shame and except for some gawd awful wailing when she determines i am heading off the actual property is doing very well, sandy (aka sandra dee) is becoming normal and who'd have thought that was possiible here of all places?, murphy is starting to zoom around, fall over and knock everyone else down when i come home...he is still reachiing up and grabbing me with his mouth, but he is not so much toddering on the edge any more. swinger remains a gomer pyle but i don't see any anxiousness in him anymore.

of the sick cats in the medical room, ogidie needs his feet soaked as soon as i can get someone here to help me, panda is holding his own, pause is ready to join the others in the cat room in a day or two and jesse is still congested but a little bit better.

new is well at home., he told moses last night that this was his kitchen it was full and to get the hell out. good thing moses is deaf. sam and endora (the shy 15 yr olds from ashcroft) are still under the bed but appear to be eating and drinking.

gracie still can't move her back end much, but she is eating drinking and interested in what we are up to, esp if it involves carrots.

jack can now look like she is dead when she is sleeping (i hate it when they can do that) and so far everyone else is fine.

new incoming today....a life long badly neglected, crippled, and incontinent senior dog who apparently is just a sweetheart. he is coming thru another rescue group who because of his needs could not find a foster home to place him in. i will let you know more when he gets here today. i bet norton gives him heck in his harmless hound dog way. i love the sounds that norton can make. oh and norton is still bugging michael to be his friend, michael is pretending norton doesn't exist.