Rescue Journal

Will an apple a day keep the vet away?

Jean  ·  Dec. 4, 2006

'cuz if so, then we won't need any vets for about ten days. When I went into the SAINTS house today, there were apples everywhere - all over the kitchen, in the water dish (okay, which one of the dogs was bobbing for apples?), in the food dish, rolling around the back door. I'm guessing one of the cats managed to knock the bag off the counter, but Maude was having lots of fun playing with one, and Sandy was full of mischief too.

In fact, I'm convinced those two are up to no good - when I came back later, Maude had broken into the cat infirmary (fortunately she's just fine with the cats), and Sandy had usurped Maude's usual place on Carol's pillow. And all they did was look at me with oh-so-innocent faces.

Oh - hay, Carol (pun intended) - I moved the last of it (the hay) from the garage to the barn. Let me know if you want me to pick up some more bales this week.



Okay, I'll pick up a few bales tomorrow or Wednesday morning for sure.
I'll fix that cat room door if I can, or maybe Ted could have a look at it if he's there with Kathy tomorrow? I'll email her.


maudie is a little trouble maker! she breaks into the sick room, steals their food and then parks herself in their beds! and the only time maude lets sandy on my bed is when either i am in it, ir maude is otherwise engaged.
i think i should order in another lot for delivery on saturday but if you have time to grab another 3 bales to last til then, that would be great! thx jean, you literally are a god send around here.