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Julie  ·  Dec. 7, 2006

I just heard that some man in Surrey / Mission is posing as an SPCA officer trying to confiscate dogs.

That's all I know for now.



From the Vancouver Sun, (as cited on Brindleweb) Vancouver Sun
Published: Thursday, December 07, 2006

Someone in Surrey is pretending to be the SPCA and trying to seize dogs on the society’s behalf.

Surrey branch manager Janice Levers said Thursday that her office has had several calls from people who have been confronted by individuals posing as animal-protection officers.

“These individuals, calling themselves B.C. Animal Rescue and Control, state that they are working with the SPCA and the City of Surrey and have attempted to take dogs away from their owners on the basis that they are not providing proper shelter,” Levers said.

“They also leave a form letter with the City of Surrey’s address at the top that states the owner can have no contact with the dog and that the SPCA may be following up with animal cruelty charges,”

However, Levers said the society has no connection with these individuals, and asks that anyone who has had contact with them to call the SPCA.

She added that people approached by the individuals were suspicious of them and refused to hand over their dogs.

End of article.
My note: There was also an announcement on one of the radio stations (1130) that the individuals, in animal control uniforms, were trying to take purebred dogs.