Rescue Journal

fine jean here you go, but i am still abit stunned so forgive me is it's not as good.

Alison  ·  Dec. 9, 2006

so i have been pondering lately that maybe instead of worrying so much about the animals eventual deaths, i should worry a bit more about the fact that they and their freaking antics are driving me to an early grave. yesterday is a perfect example. sick with worry about spritely, she still manages despite her disability to not only let the donkeys out of their stall during the night to trash the barn, but to let herself out of her own stall later in the morning to finish what they had started. she may not have been able to walk but she sure as hell could wreck and toss around 2 bales of hay while she was contemplating her very sore leg.

then there was the phone call from eva while i was at work, the first thing she said is 'it's about jackie" and my heart dropped cuz that dog was breaths away from death when i left for work. apparently she changed her mind and decided lunch might be more interesting and eva was calling to let me know that she was awake and doing her mechanical dog thing...who the hell sleeps for three solid days, needs turning every couple of hours and then wakes up and wants lunch?

the clincher of the phone call was the very happy news of a birth at SAINTS...huh???? yes folks, colton and brandon are the miraculously happy parents of a brand new little guinea pig. so much for small animal rescue assertions that yes the boys were bonded brothers. sneaky little buggers if you ask me. so...brandon, and colton would like to welcome and introduce babe into the world of saints. thx guys and you can forget about a name change too.

and jean's final moment that she enjoyed so much? was me at lunch time, wih tears trickling down my face, begging spritely to please just walk a few steps so i didn't have to let her go. swinger snuck up behind me right in the middle of my heart wrenching plea, and bit me in the butt REALLY hard. it hurt! so i chased him around the field to keep him from returning to the herd as punishment. he ran at first but then he thought, "hey! she's just a puny, weak and stupid human" so he stopped. until my full 160 pounds of puny pissed off human bounced off his ass end, then he really ran from the crazy, weeping human in the field. the neighbors had pulled over and were watching me chase the little bugger and forcing him out away from his friends (that is what horses do when someone is bad, they force them out of the herd.) i eventually let him back with the others, i am pretty sure i heard gideon tell him to quit being so stupid. and he better think twice about biting someone in the butt again, esp. mine. carl and the sheep were quite impressed (they think he is a jerk anyway) and followed me around afterwards saying 'wow, way to go carol! i think the neighbors enjoyed themselves too. it was probably quite the show.



a couple of things...A. re: america's funniest video's....we live in canada not america and i doubt real canadians would appreciate a crazed transplanted yankee chasing a 30 yr old horse across a field representing them. you guys have enough trouble shaking the whole eskimo's in igloos image, i am sure they'd pass on replacing that image with me.
and B. web cams are fine but keep them out of the bathroom, i don't want anyone seeing that hole in the wall.
and yes julie, i vote for some calm in the eye of the storm around here too, i am bagged. babe is adorable, we have a baby, she may be an accident but gosh she is cute. ma and pa are already teaching her to squeal in fear and run into their house as soon as they see me. silly little buggers. ok so i am not eva, but i am still nice!


As I said today Carol, your life needs to be less interesting for a while.
Wee Babe is just the cutest little furball! She wasn't impressed with Nicole taking her picture, but she did very well for her first photo shoot. :)


I second that idea! Saints definitely needs live streaming!! :-)
I'm so glad to hear that Jack and Spritely are up and around again. :-)


And, Chris, we could send videos to America's Funniest and win the $100,000 prize, which would come in darn handy around there!

Chris Thomas

Webcams!!! That is my new fundraising idea for SAINTS. We need to put them everywhere and sell subscriptions to the feeds!! Who else offers horses biting people on the butt!!!