Rescue Journal

An update on Thomas - from Sylvie & Nicole

 ·  Dec. 10, 2006

Once again, all we have to say is that everything is going very well with Sir Thomas. Yes, that is what we call him now because we find him very dignified. He is very good with all of us and the cats Gaby and Baby aer getting used to having him around now that they realized he is a cool dog.

The infection seems pretty much all cleaned up and we have a very few antibiotic pills left to give him. I am sure he will be even more energetic once he is off them. Yesterday we took him for a long walk at Montague Harbour and he played all the time with his new playball. He does not like to put his nose deeper than one inch into the ocean water to get his ball but otherwise he has been seen jumping up in the air more that a few times.

He is now totally trained to go into his pen to eat his treat. We got him used to it so when the very little children are here at Christmas, he can find a nice cozy shelter from their rough play. He likes to fall asleep in there when he is very tired.

I see that life at Saints is still very exciting and busy and sad and demanding. Take good care everyone.



Yea for Thomas, I'm lucky cuz I get to see pictures & videos of how very happy & spoilt Sir Thomas is, keep em coming they warm my heart !!


Aww, so glad to hear Thomas is still doing well and is having fun again. He is such a sweet dog and I am so glad he has found his safe place to land.