Rescue Journal

we had some really nice visitors today

Alison  ·  Dec. 10, 2006

marybeth, norm, deb, deb and leslie. the animals liked them all very much. michael got lots of hugs and cuddles, and tally got to say how special he is, tyra showed everyone how nice she looks in the new chairs, jazz velcro'd herself to everyone with a spare arm to wrap around her, and phoebe was her usual tornado in a soft red suit. everyone thought our new little "Babe" was very. very cute. gideon decided to prance across the field and look like he is a young and beautiful horse, inside and out, and petunia was more than willing to debit card half a dozen graham wafers. it was deb that facilitated carl's transfer to saints so she was happy to see that he is right at home. (he had a roll in the shavings today so i thought he looked kind of messy) jean got the xmas decorations up and mo made the barn look like new again. eva had those bunnies just sparkling clean and julie managed to keep ahead of the ;leaky guys in the house. i spent the day cleaning the garage and making room for our hay delivery today.

the only sad note was mo's discovery of little "brownie" the little abandoned dwarf rabbit in the school yard, dead on the side of the road. we were all sick that we hadn't managed to catch her. then later in the day we saw her alive and well with simon (the wild domestic whilte rabbit that we can't catch either) so it must have been her baby that we found on the road.- we knew she had one babe out there but haven't seen it for months. so i guess we better figure out how to finally catch brownie and simon cuz we don't want to find them dead and we don't want them to have any more babies either.

can people please quit dumping their pet rabbits out in the wild. why can't they drive to the SPCA and surrender them there instead of driving out to the country to create all kinds of heartache for the rabbits and the people who happen to live out there. i don't get it, humans suck at figuring some pretty simple things out, like how to be responsible.

spritely is still limping, but she is walking. mo saw her trot a bit today. baby jack still can't get up but he did a bit of walking when i lifted him up. little jackie has been squealing most of the day for treats, she is currently sleeping off her gluttony on the mat in the bathroom.