Rescue Journal

Hey Diane - the snowblower's here!!!

Jean  ·  Dec. 12, 2006

And it looks awesome!!! I picked it up today, and sometime in the next few days either John or I will get it all set up so it is ready to go. Love the electric starter!! I always suck at starting gas mowers.

So....bring on the snow....well, maybe not for another week until my semester is done and I have time to read the instruction manual. But any time after next Tuesday.

Thanks again, Diane - it will make life so much easier in the next big dump. If you want to send your receipt to Kathy at SAINTS, she will issue you a tax receipt for it as a "donation in kind" .



lol deb, not til after noon at least for sure. unless you are skiing, then the second the cold hits ya, out comes the hot chocolate and baileys, sigh, i used to do normal things like skiing. now i scoop poop for entertainment and adventure (and of course, terrorize my new neighbors in rainy haney)i have become the beagle.


Absolutley all meals for sure !! Baileys another perk of growing up !


With which meal is hot chocolate (with or without Bailey's) admissible, resident food mafia?


it is a beautiful snowblower diane. it is red and it looks really powerful. i am more than happy to let jean become the expert custodian of saints most precious machine. i will make her hot chocolate to warm her up when she gets the paths all nicely cleared. thank you so much, winter just got easier.


Thanks for letting me know Jean! I hear B.C. weather has had a turnaround for the better - I'm so glad to hear that -- but just in will have a snowblower for the next BIG ONE!! Will send my receipt and good luck with putting that sucker together - sure glad I didn't have that privilage!! Take care and know that you are all in my hearts and thoughts each and every day. Kisses to Pippa, Jackie and all the rest of SAINTS!