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saints tonight

Alison  ·  Dec. 14, 2006

our power went out today, hydro lines down. eva who should have been out of here by 1or 2 pm extended her volunteer day to stay here til after 5 when i got home. she didn't want the animals to be here alone in the dark, that is dedication to our little leaky friends. the power came on again just as i got home, yay hydro staff!!!

norton, who is cute as can be, just deposited a pile of not so cute worms in the middle of my kitchen floor. geez norton, that was GROSS! i gave him a droncit loaded cheese slice in retaliation.

spritely's leg is doing well, hopefully the quadrisol will work for a very long time.

watch the vancouver sun newspaper for an upcoming story on saints, it is part of their xmas series and will be out sometime in the week before christmas.

we are going to have to let our most beloved baby jack go. we have been battling his increasing weakness and there is no doubt, the neurological progression is growing by leaps and bounds. he can no longer stand, and if i lift him up, can only hobble a few steps before he falls now. i will book the vet to come on monday which is my next day off, i will need the day to be with him. until then, lot's of carrots and apples for our favorite little wooly boy. thankfully he is not distressed in the barn, and is content to lie there and pick thru the treats i place next to him each day but we cannot leave him like this forever. ahh baby jack, you are such a great little round sheep. i am sorry we couldn't find an answer for you. we love you.



I'm sorry Baby Jack isn't doing well Carol I know how much you love him.
And Norton how gross is that, in the kitchen, Yuck!!!!!!!!!


I second that Carol! You have to look after yourself or where would all the animals be without you? So sorry about Baby Jack, but I am glad Spritely is showing some improvement! Hugs, Lisa


I'm sorry about wee baby Jack honey, I will come spend some times with him this weekend. Take care of yourself to.


Baby Jack was the st sheep I met, He taught me how very, very special sheep really are I simply cannot imagine the barn without him. I will miss him so much. I hope he knows that


Baby Jack is such a trooper - just lays in his stall watching the world go by, such a content peaceful guy. He no longer gets nervous when I go in his stall, and lets me scratch his head now instead of scrambling to get away. I will miss his furry little body in there.

Batten down the hatches, Carol, there's supposed to be a huge (90 km) westerly wind tonight and tomorrow morning. If that doesn't shake down that stupid hanging branch from the dead tree in the meadow, I don't know what will. (I don't think we mentioned this in an earlier blog: in the big wind the other day, much of that dead tree came down - all over the area we had just cleaned up a couple of weeks ago. But the hanging bough is still hanging, there's just less holding it up!) We really have our work cut out for us clearing it all up before the next snowfall so the barn guys don't trip on it - specially spritely! I can do some either Saturday or Sunday this weekend and could use a couple of helpers.

We have two large dead trees that should really be taken right down, if any of our readers have that sort of expertise or connections to people who do!

Chris Thomas

Ya Eva - that was very kind of you.

Carol - I know you are making the decision you can with regard to Baby Jack. I hope he enjoys all the treats he can eat. Stay strong.