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WOW judy!!!!

Alison  ·  Dec. 15, 2006

you guys should see the huge box of presents that arrived for everyone for xmas...every one wrapped and signed by santa (we opened a couple judy and sandy LOVED the long green squeaky dog, so did phoebe and she stole sandy's, so we opened another for sandy and michael wanted one too so we had to open one for him, and jean just about broke my arm and MADE me open the baileys cuz she wanted some, (she must have xray vision cuz she knew what was in there!) but we won't open anymore) what a wonderful box full of surprizes!!! it is beginning to feel alot like christmas! thank you and may your own christmas be full of as much kindness too!



Hi Judy - I did take the card off the box when it arrived and gave it to Carol to open - never fear, it didn't get tossed out! :)
Tyra was in the kitchen briefly this afternoon and very quickly grabbed one of the stuffies and tore off into the dog room with it - so funny, like she thought she was taking something she shouldn't and we might stop her!!I'll have to get some pics of her when we open the rest of packages at Christmas - she will be in heaven! She is particularly partial to squeeky ones (aren't they all) - when I first started working there, we had a talking bear that she carried around everywhere making it talk as she walked. :)

Judy B

I am so glad you liked the goody box! I am relieved the Bailey's box didn't break, as you seen - I didn't want to ruin everything if it did break hence the ziplock bag etc. ALso forgot to put the card in so it is taped to the top with the address, that should be opened too. That sure was fast delivery, came a bit too early! But heh - the babes deserve to have Christmas every day!


darn tootin i'd milk it and i would be milkin it sipping baileys and hot chocolate too!


That's right, Carol, blame ME for getting into the Bailey's before Christmas! Judy, all I did was take the beautiful gift nestled in bubble wrap from the centre of the box, guessing that it was breakable - and told Carol maybe she should be the one to open that one. I didn't mean she had to open it NOW, and I sure didn't break her arm (heck, the last thing I want is for Carol to be incapacitated - you know who would have to pick up the slack...and you can bet Carol would milk it for all its worth!).
And can I help it if we just happened to have some great hot chocolate crying for some Baileys for dessert tonight????

I suggested to Carol she put all the wrapped gifts in the dogs' room and let Tyra (stuffy killer extraordinaire)open them....hahahah, can you imagine the paper and stuffy explosion in that room???!!!!! I think the volunteers will have to help the critters open their presents a few at a time.