Rescue Journal

"The Bed"

Alison  ·  Dec. 16, 2006

Once upon a time there was a bed. it was just an ordinary, nice bed. Not too big, not too small, not too hard, not to soft. Once in awhile it got peed on but it had a nice rubber sheet to protect it from harm. Until the twins came, TWO sets, one set were torte angels named julie and lola who slept on top and underneath in the darkend depths, black as night and very scary, lived sam and endora. Maude who was a really nice dog, loved that bed, her favorite time was curled up and sleeping with her beloved human and she could do this wonderful thing with the angel twins even tho they laid ontop of her beloved and sometimes blocked her from view. But it became increasingly more difficult as the devil cats started hanging out at the edge of the under bed and attacking her when she tried to jump up to her favorite place. One night Maude had a melt down in frustration. She threw herself to the floor, safely beyond their reach and screeched and rolled and caterwauled in protest. It was a sight to see and hear and as the angel cats peered down upon her and the devil cats looked up in awe, she screamed her anguish at the unfairness of life that banned her from "The Bed." Finally, her beloved human sighed in pity, got up, pulled a chair over close to the bed, and showed Maudie how to jump up on the chair, leap over the devils and reach her goal that she so desired.

sometimes trying to sleep in other creatures heaven and hell, truly sucks.



LOL - we have a dog that knows how to throw a tantrum to get what she wants, and two devil cats that have learned to control their environment without ever coming out from their safe place! We sure know whose in command over at SAINTS, don't we????

Thanks for the great story - we need an illustrator so we can turn this into a children's book; I can absolutely picture that scene (and the perfect illustrator would be the one who did the pictures for the children's book "There's a polar bear under my bed").

Time for those devil cats to come out and face the world - it won't be long before they figure out that they can slink out under the chair and terrorize Maudie from there instead. Besides, I want to see them - all I've seen so far is one gorgeous black furry face with shining eyes!