Rescue Journal

Petunia hams it up!

Jean  ·  Dec. 20, 2006

Okay, that's probably not the best title to begin a post about a piggy. But our Petunia is just the most comical character in the barn - well, maybe tied with the donkeys....and Swinger....oh heck, they are all funny characters!

I think Petunia is blossoming into the most social piggy in the world. She followed me around the barn today - not just going into the stalls after I clean them (like she usually does) but coming into each stall with me and chatting away while I worked. Of course, this meant I had to coax her out of each stall when I was nearly done so I could clean the very large spot hidden from view by Her Chubbiness! She made quite a game of it, and noisily cooperated most of the time (although once I had to bribe her with a slice of apple).

She also disagreed with my decision to leave a small pile of nearly-clean hay at one side of the aisle to spread for Carl's space later tonight - she just gathered up the mouthfuls of loose hay and waddled off to her stall with them. Thanks for helping clean up, Petunia, but I INTENDED to leave that hay there!

And I finally heard her laugh today!! (I have been waiting to hear this ever since Carol mentioned it several weeks ago.) When I was working on the last stall, I asked her if she thought we were nearly done. She let out a chortle - ha ha ha ha ha - and went over to the corner to leave a deposit. That pig has one BIG sense of humour!!

I also think she wanted to go outside for a walk (I wasn't quite brave enough to allow this without Carol there)...she kept going to the barn doors and standing nose-to-wood and making ug-ug-ug-ug-ug sounds. I finished cleaning, talked with the farrier about Jenny, said goodbye to Petunia and closed up the barn - then I realized I had to go back to put away the donkey's meds which were in my pocket. I opened the door and there was Petunia, nose-to-wood again. She grunted at me and I think she was saying "I knew you'd be back" or "Forget something - ha ha ha ?" Then she walked back to her stall at the other end of the barn with me (which is also where the meds go) and snuggled down for a nap.

I am so in love with that pig!!! LOL



Oh yes with the others out i would be a little worrried too. Next time let her out for a walk first ..oh Carl.. but they do get plenty of interaction already those two. lol.

Of course once you start letting her out she will be more demanding of it as she got a taste of freedom so be for warned.

She needs to root in the soil though as trace minerals are improtant too her well being too. She may find soemthing she needs.

A pig will not go any where near getting wet or dirty in this weather. Pigs only use mud too cool off on really hot days. ;o)

What happened to that run Carol had that could be dismantled.., did you guys leave it at the last place?

It woulnd't take much to put up a run there at the back for her.. four posts would do it. We could micky mouse a gate . I am off during Christmas and New Years talk to Carol about it and maybe we could whip soemthing up?


Janice, my fear is she will plonk her mighty self down in the mud and I won't be able to get her back into the barn!! Or that the not-so-bright donkeys will trip all over her or Gomer Pyle (aka Swinger) will shove her around.....think I'll wait for Carol to be there before I take her for a walk!
Next spring I want to see her get her own little house and little yard and one of those patio umbrellas like the piggies at your place have! She is ready to spread her wings! (ha ha - pigs with wings...till pigs fly...groan....)


She won't run away from you Jean..she will waddle along. Bring food remember and take her into that grassy yard Carols has there. It would be good for her to munch on some grass ofr an hour ro so and good excerise. ..although it sound like she is getting enough hay lol.


She sounds absolutely wonderful! I have never met a pig before, but am sure looking forward to it on my next visit to Saints. :-)