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 ·  Dec. 20, 2006

just to let you know, I've had to change some settings on the blog since we were getting a stupid amount of fake comments - anyone wanna lease an SUV? So I've made some changes to the settings. Commenters will have to be approved - once only. So if your comment doesn't appear right away, it's because I haven't seen it to approve it. I will be checking the site more often so hopefully there won't be too much of a delay.


Chris Thomas

No problem Nicole. I can certainly help out with the admin side of the blog! Thanks!


i had to approve that last post, so i guess commenters are fine if they've posted in the past.
hopefully the suv people will stop posting.

super confused nicole

no see, i don't get it. it never asked me to approve you, maybe because you have posted before.

i will finally give both you and deb access, i will do it on my lunch.

Chris Thomas

Nicole - if you can give me access I can help with this. I am here alot!!!


yeah it worked. okay atleast now i have an excuse for checking the site 50 times a day.
nicole (joe random)


oh thank goodness...i have been deleting some stupid furnace spam that sent off like a million comments onto the blog last night alone! i must say they are polite tho, they all say either cool site, or great site and thx so much!