Rescue Journal

Isaac is messing with my mind!

Jean  ·  Dec. 23, 2006

When I started fostering Isaac at the end of August, we didn't think he would be around for very long. In fact, a couple of weeks after he came to me, we made the appointment with the vet to help him pass. But suddenly he rallied and we cancelled the call. A couple of months later he seemed to be fading and I prepared myself to phone the vet again....and he rallied again.

But today, I knew the end was near. He hasn't eaten for nearly three days other than a little fresh chicken and a couple of premium dog treats. He's been sleeping round the clock. He seems to have lost his vision. He's dropping weight like crazy, and he's not drinking much. He doesn't jump up to greet me when I get home, or trot around after me in the yard. He doesn't even wake when I walk right up to him calling his name. And so this afternoon I phone the vet to set up "the" appointment.

I get home from SAINTS this evening and the first thing that greets me is a pesky Isaac at the door, and he is HUNGRY!! He heads straight to the cupboard where I keep the dog food, pushing his nose in the way while I'm getting the food out. He starts gulping the kibble in Charley's bowl while I'm still putting meds in his bowl, he practically races me to his raised dog dish, and he positively inhales everything I gave him - canned food, kibble, chicken, meds and all. He's been trotting around after me all evening, constantly butting his head into the back of my knees. And I absolutely swear I heard him say "you're not getting rid of me just yet, dude."

Little brat. He pulled a "Jack".



nicole, i still can't post.
and jean, welcome to the wild and wonderful roller coaster ride!


maybe he heard he was getting brownies for christmas!
glad to hear he is feeling a little better.