Rescue Journal

were they nestled all snug in bed?

Julie  ·  Dec. 24, 2006

Knowing Carol's children as I do, some were nestled, some were barking, some were howling, others perhaps peering intently at the speck in the corner, maybe a brief game of you can't catch me!, the occaisional mewling of a wee kitty, the bunnies no doubt wreaking havok in thier pens while the guinea pigs squeak about what ever it is they insist on squeaking about, Frodo dear little man is probably wondering why on earth he though that living with the bunnies and piggies was better than in the house, the barn children all wuffling and clucking and doing the things they do when no one is about..

then! as midnight aproaches they all become calm, quiet, serene... they know soon they will have even for a moment the ability to speak human. What will they say? Will they all be quiet in spreading thier wisdom? or will they perhaps all start shouting at once as they usually do, who ever is the loudest gets heard!

the only way to know is to sit with them and listen,.. should they speak to you tonight Carol do let us know what they said. On that note i bid you all good night!



Isn't it interesting that the legend has it that the animals can speak human for that brief moment Christmas Eve? I've always thought it would be so much more wondrous if for a brief moment we humans could speak animal. What amazing lessons we might learn.