Rescue Journal

When animals meet their human counterpart

Jean  ·  Dec. 24, 2006

Tonight, I saw an uncanny affinity between an old wrecked dog and an old wrecked woman. From the moment my 88 year old mom came into the house with her walker, her hearing aids, and her dimming eyesight, Isaac (who had never met her before) decided to care for her. As soon as she came through the door, he was by her side. As soon as she was seated, he did his gentle mouthing bit with her hand - his idea of an "I'm so happy to see you" greeting, a canine kiss I rarely receive except when I've been gone for a long, long day. He lay at her feet, he followed her whenever she moved, and he even gently blocked her body when she tried to move to another location without the walker.

I brought Rescue Remedy home from SAINTS today because Isaac usually gets stressed and restless when strangers are in the house and I was concerned about dealing with a stressed disabled dog and a stressful disabled mother at the same time. But I think I'll just let Isaac look after mom. And maybe I should take the Rescue Remedy myself.


Chris T

That is great Jean. I am glad you are finding something to enjoy!! Merry Christmas and give Isaac a very special hug from me!


Merry Christmas, Chris. Yes, mom thinks Isaac is just a real sweetheart. I think Charley's nose is out of joint, though!

Chris T

Jean that is awesome! Does she like Isaac too? I hope you have a great day!