Rescue Journal

A very quiet but good day at SAINTS

Jean  ·  Dec. 30, 2006

Well after all the hordes of visitors over the past week, today was the quietest Saturday I've ever seen - just Julie, Mo and me. Julie cleaned the house, Mo cleaned the barn, and I did a bunch of Jill-of-all-trades jobs. The dogs got a run in the lower meadow (twice!), Phoebe and Frodo got a ride in my car (NOT at the same time - I learned that the hard way!), Copper wore his daisy collar to explore the meadow, Cole and Moses hung out in and around the barn with Mo's dogs for the better part of the day, Petunia grunted and chattered and enjoyed some fresh spinach leaves, and it was a beautiful bright and crisp day - a perfect day to be at SAINTS.

Colton the guinea pig came home from his visit to the vet to be neutered. He is sulking, I believe, but otherwise seems okay.

Jackie was falling about , walking strangely on one of her back legs, and seemed agitated, so Mo and I decided to phone Carol. Following Carol's suggestion, I spent half an hour trying to get Jackie to go to sleep on Carol's bed. At first it seemed to work, but suddenly she decided she would NOT have a nap and went into her full-fledged mechanical dog routine (it may have had something to do with the Kitchen Sink Cookie I pilfered from Carol's kitchen), so I think she's 100% okay again.

When I left, all the dogs were napping quietly, the barn guys were grazing, and all felt right with the world.



Huh??? When was that?? I was there from about 9:30 or so until 3:00, and back at 4:00 and you were home around 4:30- and both Mo and I double checked that the barn was all locked up. Must have been early this morning before I got there? Must have been - they would have trashed the fresh bales I took to the barn today, but when we went over to put them to bed tonight everything was just as Mo and I had left it ---hmmmm, except the one door on the donkey stall...maybe they did break in, but not have enough time to do any damage before they were caught?

If they did break in, we better get a different clasp for that barn door - cause Mo and I wrapped the chain around twice and fastened both ends of the clasp.


it was only an illusion of rightness...julie lee sent me another email tonight, apparently she did visit today and everyone was inside the barn chowing down on hay...she cleaned it all up nicely!