Rescue Journal

the problem with deaf dogs

Alison  ·  Dec. 30, 2006

is that they cannot hear. or maybe they can hear somethings but choose not to listen. like michael last night. he had parked himself in my bedroom on his favorite soft bed over against the dresser. it is quiet, it is private, it is out of the way of many wandering feet. norton however parked himself in the doorway on a quilt, not so private, not so soft and pretty much in everyone's way. i can step over him, maude can leap past him and the cats can easily walk around him because they are small and bendable. michael however cannot do any of the above, he is too old, too wrecked, too stiff and too crippled.

michael wakes up at 2 am and wants to go for a wander and see's norton is blocking his way. so he politely (for michael) tells him to move. norton can't or pretends he can't, hear him. (i really have a hard time figuring out who truly is deaf and who maybe is just uncooperative) michael tries again, louder, and norton keeps sleeping (or pretending to ) finally michael starts yelling at him, "get out of the F%3#'ing way, you stupid, short legged hound dog!!!!!" which has no effect on norton either but does happen to wake up the rest of us. anyway, i will give michael credit, he picks his battles and apparently this one just wasn't worth it. he finally admitted defeat and grumbling non stop, turned himself around and around and flopped back to bed with a heave of disgust, "GD! stupid, freaking, moronic, deaf, old, dumb, freaking floppy ear'd dog,..... grrhhh, and hmmmph!" and with that michael went back to sleep.

there is so much drama and angst in my bedroom at night.



Ha ha - Norton has been giving Isaac lessons. Isaac has just learned that there is power in being able to block my bedroom doorway at night and pretend not to hear or sense Charley swearing at him. So funny!