Rescue Journal

it is official, rainbow has gone insane.

Alison  ·  Jan. 3, 2007

maudie's favorite thing of the day (next to runnning and running and running) is bedtime. as soon as the light goes off, she leaps onto my bed and flops across both pillows and we share a facial moment or ten. i rub her face and she whacks mine with her feet, i rub her somemore and she shoves her nose under my chin and gives it a lift. it really is quite a warm and fuzzy few moments and we both enjoy it thoroughly.

out of no where last night, shows up rainbows face to join in. she is not shy, she shoves it right between maudes and mine. at first i did not know who it was cuz it was dark and it was too close and my up close vision sucks now...but my hearing is ok and i heard that deep rumbling warning that said someones face is about to be toast. so i grabbed the cat in a single smooth and very quick move, and rolled right over with the cat in tow. rainbow just kept purring away. apparently she thought this was part of the warm and fuzzy face ritual. maude turned over and faced the wall. i kissed rainbow good night and now that she was safe rolled over onto my stomach. and rainbow who must have been grateful for my concern decided to return the favor and climbed right up onto my head, laid right on top of it, completely obliterating it and warned off any other cat who tried to move in for a cuddle. i slept with a rainbow daniel boone hat, complete with the very long tail.

i am glad that rainbow has decided that i am her special friend, but could she take it a little bit easy and think abit about where my face is currently busy before she gets both our faces re-modelled?

gosh, bedtime around here is interesting (and occasionally dangerous too!)