Rescue Journal

piddlely thoughts in the early am

Alison  ·  Jan. 5, 2007

It is cold,and dark and snowing. I have the flu and Jack peed on my bed. Every one else apparently peed and pooped non stop last night too. Thanks so much for the wake up call you guys.

I woke up in the middle of the night and realized i hadn't seen Lola when I got home from work last evening. Funny how all of a sudden you notice the missing presence of one cat out of 20. Anyway, I was tired and sick, it was 2 am and I thought I would look for her this morning. then i convinced myself that earlier when I saw Missy staring down behind the dryer, that Lola might have fallen behind there. So I got up to look. Looking behind the dryer is not all that easy, our dryer stands taller than most because of the drawer underneath. I couldn't find the step ladder so I ended up crawling up the top and peering over. No Lola. i checked the cupboards and the cat room beds, I crawled under my bed with a flashlight too. And finally I thought of the sick room, which is where she was, not sick, just liking their beds and food better.

I know it sounds stupid to go to all that trouble in the middle of the night for a cat asleep somewhere safe, but if I don't, and I find that they slipped away to the other side in the middle of the night without me knowing that they were sneaking away, it bugs me. so i have to get up and look. and that is the trouble with cats, even really old ones, they are sneaky little buggers, never trust them to give you fair warning about anything, they relish surprise.

Anyway on my late night travels last night, i noticed that Harrison's almost constant cold is progressing this time to the point of needing treatment so I will kick Lola out of there today and move Mr. Sicky in there instead. I let Tigger Woods out of his cage last evening. He wandered around, looking stressed but I notice that this morning he is curled up asleep back in his pen. Ratz, I hwas hoping to collapse it today because it takes up so much room, but I guess I can't cuz he still needs it.

It is chilly in here this morning and i haven't opened up any of the doors yet. I guess I better bring in that other heater since apparently we are back to winter weather for awhile. Which reminds me, i called that furnace repair guy more than a month ago, how come he hasn't come to fix the furnace yet? maybe he knows from his last visit it is hopeless and he just does not want to tell the crazy lady with all the old, leaky animals that they are S#$# outta Luck.I better call him again today and ask.

And speaking of repair guys, that new panel they put in the washer is haywire and now i have no idea what cycle I am off is hot, hot is cold, cold is off and the whole laundry thing just gives me a headache. I need to call him too, oh and spritely needs more meds, i gotta call the vet!

Maybe I'll stop thinking and go back to bed, i feel like crap today anyway, why make it worse?

oh, right, i can't go back to bed cuz jack peed on it.



Don't take the furnace guy's neglect personally - I called him about the same time to fix my gas fireplace and haven't heard from him either. I think we need to take a lesson from Phoebe and keep letting our needs be known with an annoying and persistant bark.

I hope the gorgeous gray Harrison is okay - he's one of my favourites (are we allowed to say that? do the other cats read the blog and feel slighted?)

And Tigger Woods is absolutely beautiful with the most wonderful eyes. He reminds me of those paintings of cats with the big expressive eyes.