Rescue Journal

the evening run...

Alison  ·  Jan. 5, 2007

i put the barn guys to bed just before dark so i could get maudie out for another run tonight. it was pissing down rain so the barn crew were happy to cooperate. i took EVERYONE (almost)...i took tyra, and tally, cole and lexie, moses and bill, i took jazz and copper and maudie and dexter and i even let slow pokey norton tag along too. when we were finishing up in the upper field with the frozen poopcicle treats and the poopy rolls, i was just missing jazz, copper and norton. i could hear coppers jingling bells, and norton was miles behind just starting the first bend in the pond and jazz was no where in sight. and then we got busted. eva who should have been at home, came back and caught us red handed. and she started shrieking at us, "have you lost your frigging mind???! it is freezing cold out here, you are all soaking wet, you are sick, you crazy woman AND I JUST FINISHED CLEANING THAT HOUSE AND YOU GOT THEM ALL WET AND MUDDY!!!!!"....ooops, sorry.

she helped me round them all up again and move them back in, and helped me dry them off and wipe up the floors. her parting shot was "and quit walking all over my clean floors with your big dripping mucky boots." boy were we in trouble!



ha ha ha - that's our Eva! Mom/Grandma to the world. As long as she doesn't try to make you eat your veggies, Carol, I'm sure you can put up with the occasional scolding for dirtying up her nice clean floors.