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saints welcomes "sanderson" aka "sandy 2"

Alison  ·  Jan. 6, 2007

anyone who ever met tricky nicki will see a great deal of similarlity in their looks, except sandy is bigger in body and so far not quite as big in personality. but gosh he is cute and sweet and lovely. welcome sandy, we will do everything we can to make you happy.



Thanks - you have a way of putting things in perspective.

Welcome home, Sanderson.


ahhh, but here's the question: is a home lost after 16 years, a home to begin with? i don't think real homes ever willingly shut the door on those they love, not after a day or year or a decade. and if they are forced to for whatever reason, it is heartbreaking, and i won't judge them. but, if it is simply a choice for convenience or an easy solution, then i think the animals are better off at saints because here they have far more value than that. 


You are right, of course. But sometimes I just want to take the people who abandon their wonderful pets who have trusted them for their whole lives, and forget all my principles of pacifism and nonviolence and beat their heads against a wall.
But for Sandy, I will breathe deeply, and I will ensure he gets lots of lovings and walks and I will hope with all my heart that we can find him a forever home or forever foster where he can feel safe and loved and special. Because, even though SAINTS is a very very special place, it cannot replace a home of 16 years.


deep breath jean, i know it hurts to watch them. but such is the life of many senior animals and quite frankly i didn't take the time to delve into the reasons of sandy's loss of home. i have heard it so many times, in so many ways and in the end does it really matter?
sandy is here and that is where our work is.


Sandy2 looks just like a little chow puppy!!! He is fuzzy and sweet and cute and has absolutely won my heart. And by the time everyone had left tonight (and Carol was at the vets with Dex and Murphy), he was looking more than a little puzzled, running back and forth between the cats' outdoor room from which he could see the driveway, to the gate to the kitchen, from which he could see the door. Tonight he waits for his humans to return, not knowing that they won't, and not understanding what he did to deserve this. I have felt frustrated before with people who dump their lifelong pets, but tonight I feel outraged, so angry and hurt on Sandy's behalf that I am in tears.

I only hope there is some legitimate reason, other than moving and a peeing pom, that justifies their actions. And if not, they better hope that humans show them more compassion in their old age than they have shown Sandy.

This is so not right!