Rescue Journal

sooo...i was just having a hot bath

Alison  ·  Jan. 7, 2007

and not that anyone cares either. but, i sometimes have these really "profound to me" thoughts when i get the blood flowing to my brain while in a deep, hot puddle of water (there is a reason why bathtubs are my favorite places to be and i should never have gotten rid of that hot tub!). and i was pondering emotionally intimate relationships (thx chris) and why i feel so good without one. so if i am being honest, one reason is probably because i have never really had a human one. i used to think i did, but i didn't. and why do i think that now? because of the animals. it is the animals who are teaching me what a real relationship that has meaning and value, is. it is about a smile on someone elses face and a glow in someone elses heart.

before their balls, and before their sticks and maybe just barely before (or right close after??) their walks and treats comes me. and they want a smile on my face and a song in my heart and they want me to dance with them in the meadow. and that is exactly what i want right back again for them. how many human relationships are like that. maybe alot, maybe just a few, i wouldn't know cuz it is not my area of expertise.

but i am ever so thankful to the animals because at least now i know what i should be looking for if i actually wanted to bother to look. which right now i don't, because i am having sixty relationships that are really important to me and i am a little bit busy right now with those!

animals are such magical creatures, they can teach you all kinds of things that might come in handy at some point. and that is why i don't understand people who dump their dogs. why on earth would anyone in their right mind, toss away a relationship that offered a free pass to happiness?



any time deb, feel free to make them all part of your world, you have wonderfully soft hands for touching faces and we all really enjoyed your visit too!

Debbie Kinsman

Carol - I want you to know what an incredible honour it was to meet you on Saturday - I thank you for the tour of your facility; I thank you for what you do; and mostly, I thank you for telling me to focus on the "now" when I see these animals and how happy they all are with the care you give them. I thought it would be hard for me to visit, but I was so surprised that I left feeling good - seeing the tails wag on the dogs, watching you cuddle the cats, and listening to you talk to the pig - you truly are remarkable.
Thank you for showing me your world.