Rescue Journal

sunday at saints

Alison  ·  Jan. 7, 2007

so i think the last of the visitors have come and gone but you never know, sometimes people pop by in the late afternoons too so maybe we will have some more company. copper had four walks today, two with his daisy and two with a leash, maybe he will get one more!

spritely is a very bad horse.... we had the dogs down in the field for a run, and everyone was with us again including pokey norton and blind jazz. we had maudie on a leash. the horses and donkeys were down in the bottom field and i could see that swinger was bugging spritely. i decided to move the dogs up to the upper field so no one got mowed over by the bigs guys hanging out down below.

the dogs were getting ready to move up thru the lower pasture gate when spritely threw up her tail, flew around the pond, skidded to a stop by the upper fence, dodged a multiple of various crippled dogs, flew past them and thundered up and around the barn. Gideon decided that looked fun so he charged right up behind her and swinger thought he should follow too.

spritely is not supposed to be running, nor is she to be playing one ton horse chicken with all the crippled dogs. if she wants to prove that her leg is fine, she could do it a little bit more responsibly. anyway, i thought maybe the swelling was marginally better today by looking at it, i didn't need the thundering, flying, hoof demo to prove it.

sandy ate a whack of cookies, sam is currently sitting in the kitchen instead of under the bed, and lola should stay out of the hot dryer before she goes for a tumble by mistake. michael is not great, moses is very tired today and dexter thinks we should all just move down to the pond.

it is just another day in paradise.......



I'm sneaking in here at work.. and what do I read... Carol rubbing salt in my wound, all those things you describe so beautifully are excatly what I miss. Withdrawal feels like...

Gee I wish I was at SAINTS right now, I wonder how everyone is, gosh I miss seeing cole, Moses, Cedric, Sissy , Buddy . I wonder how spritely is , is Gideon really blind in that eye, I hope the new Sandy isn't messed up too bad & that he settles in or better yet, some lovely home comes along for him... wow have we heard from the Phebes yet... I wonder who is cleaning the stalls, will they watch for those pescky rocks that keep showing up in Swinger stall .. all these thoughts all day long... that is what withdrawal feels like. Much easier just to ignore all other obligations & come out to SAINTS. See you SOON !!


lol...what exactly does saints withdrawal feel like?
you missed being stampeded by a small herd of crazy ancient and wrecked horses, you missed tunie pooping in the stalls as they were cleaned, you missed maudie's flights of fancies, you missed lexie's whining to please wait up, you missed nortons painfully slow plodding and moses's clueless meanderings, you missed dexter belly deep in the freezing pond, hopelessly waiting for someone to join him and you missed the jiggle bells of copper's ever hopeful longing for his daisy to fall off.
it will all be here for you when you next can come, that's the beauty of the place, hopefully, not much changes.


Me, too (ie. hate missing a Sunday at SAINTS) - as much as I love my other friends, sometimes I'm really torn between spending time with them and wanting to be at SAINTS. And by the time I got over there late this afternoon, the barn was done, the dogs were exercised, even Copper had been walked so many times he was too exhausted to get out of bed to say hello to me.

And classes start again tomorrow, my semester from h*ll, which means much less time at SAINTS so I will feel like I'm in purgatory until the end of April.

When're we gonna buy that ranch, Carol? Oh...and I want a donkey and a pig or two....


Crap, I hate missing a Sunday at SAINTS, Saturday was such a wonderful day for me, if I could minus my little vehicle mishap, I'd call if " my perfect day " , not being able to come out today.. put me into withdrawals !!
I was happy to read that Murphy is doing O.K. ... I hope he settles in quickly & realizes how lucky & how special he is. I will miss him !