Rescue Journal

Pigs are effective communicators and other stuff

Alison  ·  Jan. 8, 2007

so petunia gets fed two meals a day, breakfast and supper. plus she gets apples and graham wafers and cantaloupe whenever a suitable food source passes by. apparently this is not enough, now she wants lunch. how do i know this? because at lunch time today she was flipping her bowl at me. kind of hard to miss the point of a well aimed flying dish.

someone gave copper a chew stick today. i haven't seen it but i know he got one cuz he is currently sitting outside in the rain screaming his head off.

spritely's leg looks good tonight, jenny's limp is a little bit better. dex can't understand why we missed our walk and grammy should quit standing on and bending her gate.

pheobe is doing very well in her home and chris is choked cuz i forwarded the happy phoebe email to deb instead. but she still gave me soup!



Maudie can go on a leash, then. Do you have a long line? I can't imagine leaving her behind.


yay! they are going squirrely and need to run! cole is choked cuz it is dark by the time i get home.
maude can't go (or at least not off leash)cuz the sheep will be out. and copper's daisy is on the shelf behind the front door if you want a chuckle. watching that fat little toad running the fence line looking for a big enough hole to shove his daisy head thru is funny.


I'm planning to take everyone for a walk in the pasture tomorrow. Angelina wants to brush dogs. I can't wait to meet Sexy Dexy.


That's my Toonie!!! One very assertive Ms. Piggy!

As for Grammy, did she manage to bend that latch again despite the extra 2x4? If so I'll get a heavier duty latch when I'm feeling better. I can also put a second latch on the lower part of the gate as I notice she pushes it way out with her hind feet (I swear she stands on the bottom rung of the gate like a little kid!) and the gate twists, which would cause the upper latch to bend.