Rescue Journal

Some things are NOT meant to be shared....

Jean  ·  Jan. 8, 2007

I think it is awesome the way Carol shares her space, her time, her food, her knowledge, her wisdom.....

I just wish she didn't share her flu bug.

And since I don't have any chicken soup, I guess I'll just pour a shot of scotch, curl up in a cosy comforter, and feel sorry for myself.




There are a few liver brownies left, but Isaac says to tell you that he will be all out of them by morning!! Silly Isaac!!


If you aren't there, I'll leave the soup by the back door. Are Charley and Isaac out of liver brownies yet? We can bring some of those, too.


Heheheh...Ilearned from the very best, didn't I Carol?

Deb, unless I'm six feet under I have to go to work in the morning - at least long enough to hand out the course syllabus and give them their first assignment. But if I still feel like death warmed over, I'll be home by noon.


Angelina and I are going to the Sanctuary tomorrow, Jean, and we will drop off some soup en route.


Sh*t that is SO unfair. I don't even feel like dragging myself over there for some.