Rescue Journal

can't sleep

Alison  ·  Jan. 10, 2007

and i could blame deb and jean except i was not thinking about word usage. i made a couple of mistakes at i accidently drank reg. tea instead of de-caffinated and two, i let pops and panda in my bedroom and they both make me nervous in the dark cuz i can't see their dripping faces until it is too late. i would like to go to sleep though because 6 am comes early if you go to bed too late.

the animals are all sleeping well tho...who'd have thought that michael and lexie, and norton could all fit on the floor of my room? maudie has the bed to herself right now except of a cat or two. sigh, maybe i will go and try again, i wish sleepiness was contagious.



i am not sure exactly...i hear her bang into it as she is jumping but i don't know if she is jumping over it or using it as a spring board (she won't even try til i turn off the light and lay down cuz i think she doesn't want an audience)

Chris T

I hope you eventually got some sleep Carol. Did the step ladder work for Maude?