Rescue Journal

boo makes me laugh

Alison  ·  Jan. 12, 2007

everything is on her terms. she will let me pet her if she is not busy (but she wants to smell my hand first to find out where it's been, if it is clean enough to touch her and/or am i really someone she knows well enough to even think about touching her in the first place). she shoves her flat little face into my cup each morning, looking to see if i am having tea or milk. she prefers milk but will sip at the tea if i am not so stupid to make it too hot.

she will climb on my lap in the evening and let me move her on and off from said lap to the chair as i get up and down, but mornings are her time to wander and check out the computer and whack at my bathrobe belt and toss a pen off the desk and onto the floor. she loathes the orange boys and especially sunny and the more she screams the closer he has to get to see what the heck is her problem.

boo would do great in a quiet home of her own. the problem is few would keep her through that year long adjustment period when she hated your gutz...ahhh boo, you are such a toad.



Boo is a little doll! if she want's to be a cranky persimew she's perfectly alowed. It's a cat thing.