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I'm moving to California

Jean  ·  Jan. 12, 2007

I bet they don't have problems with the plumbing freezing and I'll take my chances on forest fires and earthquakes. My laundry room plumbing was frozen this morning, but it's in the unheated mud room so I wasn't entirely surprised, just pissed because I'd just poured liquid laundry detergent all over my clothes before finding out there was no water.

Now, tonight, the rest of the plumbing is frozen....or maybe the well itself, since the pump can't pump without going clunk clunk clunk. The toilet can't flush, the dishes can't get washed, and I can't have a long soak in the tub. I hate winter.

At the landlord's request, I put my little electric oil heater on the top of the well in the little space under the house for the night. There are some aspects of rural living that I could do without. Carol, if you hear fire trucks in the night, come rescue us!



Thanks Deb, yes, I'll get the info from you. I have a couple of things that need doing around here that are beyond my capabilities.
As for laundry, etc., I have to stick around for the landlord's plumber to come look at the situation and see if he can speed up the thawing process and/or pinpoint the exact location of the trouble. But if he comes over in the morning and the news is bad, I may take you up on your offer in the afternoon if you're around.
For tonight, having just laughed and cried over Carol's story of the magic barn, I am in a much better frame of mind and think I will curl up with a good book and also have a hot chocolate and Bailey's. I'll deal with tomorrow, tomorrow.


Jean, I work with a guy who does all sorts of contracting-type stuff. He's very particular about his work (can we say anal-retentive without Carol of the word police getting her knickers in a knot?) and I'm sure his prices are more reasonable than a plumber's. He lives in Maple Ridge, is very good with dogs, and is just a really good guy. I can give you his info if you like.

Until you get H20 flowing again, as Chris said, you are welcome to come to our house to shower, bathe or do laundry. We can feed you, too. :o)


No - the plumber won't be here until tomorrow, but he says he can't do anything until it thaws anyway - apparently plastic pipes burst if you try to thaw them too quickly. I've had a little oil heater and a heat lamp in the space all day and the ice around the t-junction hasn't even started to thaw, and I'll be turning the oil heater off before I go to bed. So it looks like it could be a long wait - possibly until the weather warms up!
When it does thaw, the landlord wants me to just pick up a heat tape kit and do it myself or he will come help....I don't think so. Water + electricity = fire. (Heat tape is the leading cause of mobile home fires; all it takes it a bit of leakage or a mouse/rat chewed tape to cause a short circuit and - sparks!). Besides, I have to repair all the Isaac-damage before I let the landlord in. Two more chunks of door frame gone today while I was being inattentive for a few moments.
I think I'll be paying a plumber to do the whole job properly. And then hope the rats don't chew it. Hmmmm...time to rethink my accomodation.


Thanks Chris - I may take you up on that offer if we don't resolve the problem today. The landlord has already phoned me this morning and is calling a plumber now.

Chris T

If you need to do laundry, shower or bathe you know where we are Jean. You are more than welcome.


Thanks for the idea - I would feel much safer with that. Visions of fire kept me awake half the night until I finally went out and turned off the heater at 3 AM. It didn't thaw the system out anyway. Hopefully the landlord will agree to send a plumber this morning and they will thaw it and get it working again - and I'll talk them into putting some heat tape around the pipes in the laundry area.
I'll pick up a heat bulb and fixture this morning.


i used to keep the well from freezing at the old place with a heat bulb hanging out in the pump worked pretty good.