Rescue Journal

life is just a series of movie scenes

Alison  ·  Jan. 12, 2007

i think breeders who are trying to improve their breed of choice, need to try hanging out in their favorite breeds bodies for a change. norton is a good example. here is a 70 pound dog with twice as much weight, and twice as much spinal cord than is necessary, a big dog's body, trying to motor around on midget sized, 3 inch legs. how stupid is that?

so we are out in the field today, and norton loses sight of me. suddenly he spied me across the field. oh my gosh, what a glow hit his face and he was off and literally running for me. i have to say it was one of the most beautiful sights i have seen, just like one of those movies with the woman running in slow motion thru the surf to her beloved.

except this was real life. norton didn't quite make it to me. he made it 3/4's of the way, stopped, dead in his tracks and fell over. right onto his side. then there was the scene of my frantically running towards him thinking that OMG he just upped and died, like some other kind of not so happy movie.

anyway, he wasn't dead. i am not sure what exactly happened there. i got him back to his feet and slowly he followed me back to the house.

breeding dogs is a responsibility. no 70 pound dog deserves to be saddled with 3 inch legs despite what the breed standards say.

norton came up against his age and his stupidly bred body today, it totally wrecked his moment of pure joy in the snow.



maybe he tripped on one of his long silky ears?
and yes some breed standards are pretty stupid, not to mention dangerous to said animal,
and then there are the haircuts that go with them.. if they were meant to have rediculous hair styles they would grow in that way. Now the occassional trim and fluff is completely different. on that note where are my dogs, they need a bath.


Poor Norton, it sucks to be vertically challenged!! I bet he was quite something with his ears flying in the air and a look of utter joy on his face!!!!