Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Jan. 13, 2007

we are doing a home check for hank the rooster tomorrow. apparently he is less of a jerk than this nice lady's last rooster (who recently died of natural causes). all her chickens are pets, not for eating, not for re-sale.

another 36 year old horse needs a place to land. his mom is leaving the country in feb to work overseas. if donald trump happens to be a senior animal lover and reads this blog...we need a bigger place, where are 36 year old horses supposed to go?

romeo looks like crap today...i am thinking of confining him in the sick room and try with a very strict and consistent diet to get his IBS back under better control.

copper was shivering in this cold (i thought he had enough padding but apparently not) i found a pretty pink flowery fleecy coat that actually barely fit around his belly. i put it on him and all should have been good. except when i got home, it is no where in sight...what did you do with it copper? pink flowers are no worse than daisy's if they get you out for a run or keep you warm when you are cold!

someone has burnt their fur on the gas fireplace in the dog room...i am thinking it was moses cuz a patch of his fur is melted. it didn't burn his skin thank goodness...anyway, i knew as soon as i walked in the door cuz i could smell it! i guess i better find a puppy pen to keep the not so wary safe.

michael is a hypocrite! if anyone even looks at his stuff or comes near his bed or tries to cuddle with his human of the moment...he throws an absolute cow. tonight i came home and he is curled up on his favorite bed with harrison, last week it was jack. has he suddenly become nice and developed the ability to share in his old age?, in both cases they were there first and he wanted there too so he just shut his mouth and snuck right in so they wouldn't notice. if he'd gotten there first, there would have been a heck of a hissy fit on his part.



nicole should just paste a web camera to my forehead, then everyone could see what i get to see.


You need to keep a camera at the ready - I am trying to envision our crippled old troll curled up on the same bed as the gorgeous gray Harrison. Beauty and the Beast - I won't say which is which. LOL