Rescue Journal

Murphy Update

Chris  ·  Jan. 14, 2007

It has been a week since Murphy left SAINTS for his foster home. There were worries that his allergies would be too much for Janice (so far so good) and there was concern that perhaps Murphy was a little too twisted for life outside of SAINTS. I am happy to report that Murphy is doing very well with Janice.

Murphy is rarely alone. He has been going for rides in the car because Janice takes him everywhere she can. He has had visits at friend's houses and lots of walks. Murphy loves to go on a walk! The funniest thing Janice says is that Murphy likes to play. He will come up and instigate it and run away. He wants Janice to wrestle with him, rub his belly and chase him around the house.

So Carol it would appear that the answer to the question: "Is Murphy twisted outside of SAINTS?" is a resounding no!



Yahoo, How wonderful to read this, Thanks Chris & a big hearfelt hug out to Janice & Murphy. Murph was a great little dog & I'm so happy it all is working out.

I do miss him though


yay smurfman! you are such a good dog. sigh, i miss him kissing my hand and falling over when he jumps to say hello. ask her if he is more coordinated now or is he still a bit of a klutz?


That is wonderful news, Chris. Yay Murphy!! It just goes to show that we never really know how a dog will be in a different environment - Potato Ed, Phoebe, and now Murphy may be a challenge in a space shared with so many other critters, but with one-on-one attention in an only-dog situation can really shine!
Let's hope we have more Janices eager to provide homes for the SandyTwos and Maudes and Nortons still waiting for that special place.
Thanks Janice for all you are doing for Murph.