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Volunteer Scheduling Update

Chris  ·  Jan. 15, 2007

It is wonderful to see so many people offering to help. Being the control freak that I am I need to get some order to the chaos. I have started a yahoo group for SAINTS volunteers. I would like everyone who is offering to help to please subscribe. This way we can send out one email and it will reach everyone without having to remember everyone's address. Here is the link:

Our immediate needs are for volunteers to do the barn on the weekday evenings. This involves bringing the animals in and feeding them. Currently this responsibility is going to fall heavily onto Jean and I would like to less that if possible. If I have missed anything in this routine please advise (Carol, Jean, Mo). We have 2 volunteers doing the barn on the weekday mornings this week but we will need some more help next week and going forward.

We also need volunteers to go and hang out with animals, especially in the evenings, until Carol has had her surgery and is at least there. The animals are really feeling this change in their routine and any extra attention they can get at this time is greatly appreciated. If you can do a couple of loads of laundry or wash a floor while you are there hanging out it will help immensely.

If there is an area you want to help out in but don't know how just let us know and we will arrange for someone to train you.

Once again, thanks to everyone for the incredible outpouring of offers of help and donations at this time. It is appreciated by all of us and especially the animals!



Chris: Do NOT hope for snow days!!!! Snow days mean volunteers can't get up the hill to SAINTS. Snow days make lugging water to the barn twice as hard. NO SNOW!! Rain, think rain!!!!

Chris T

Absolutely Jean. I just want to try and take some of the pressure off of you as well too! Do the people doing the barn this week have email?

Also, don't forget to sign up for the group.The schedule will be posted on the volunteer site as soon as I can get it together. I am hoping for a snow day tomorrow!


Oh..and weren't we going to use the new volunteers-only web page for scheduling etc? (Sorry, I hate yahoo groups...grump, grump grump)


Chris, the only night that is the least bit of a problem for me to do the barn animals is Mondays when I don't get home from work until 6:00, and the animals are usually put in and fed by then. The mornings are a MUCH bigger problem for me - I cannot do the morning meds and feedings on Tues, Weds or Thurs except in an emergency - I have to leave for work too early those days. The barn guys should be fed, medicated, and let out by about 9 AM if possible.

It would be best, in my opinion, if there were a total of perhaps three or at most four of us doing the feeding and medicating routine - even though I have it all written out, you really need to know who's who, a bit about their idiosyncrasies, and to multitask when it comes to mixing foods and meds in the right bowls for the right critters. Having too many cooks will definately spoil the broth in this case, and could put an animal (or a human) at risk.