Rescue Journal

disabled day one

Alison  ·  Jan. 19, 2007 is a challenge being home. in more ways than i can count but i wouldn't trade here for anywhere else so i guess that says something about me (like i am crazy)....i am compiling a list of absolute neccessities for a disabled person to survive in a leaky, animal paper towels you can actually reach. a light poop and scooper and a broom and dustpan with a handle. a little wheel chair friendly bucket with wheels would be nice too.

and before anyone starts nagging on me...i only want them to clear a path to the tea kettle, the bathroom, my pain meds, the computer and the couch until the troops arrive. cuz the dogs and cats here suck at "fetch" fact they are pretty damn good at stopping me dead in my tracks...deaf dogs don't hear "move sweetie, comin thru"...they see a body up close and right in front of them and a lap stationary enough to hold a head. i had a bit of a 4 am crises in the hallway, outside the bathroom....i really had to go and norton thought we had all the time in the world.

maudie spent most of the evening convincing me that i really wanted to go to bed...when she finally succeeded, she was very gentle with her feet whacking but apparently it was imperative to get in just a few for old times sake.

i have learned that dogs and cats are not afraid of wheelchairs, which is a huge burden of responsibility for me. they kind of remind me of the barn animals surrounding my slowly inching forward van, utterly clueless as to the dangers of moving vehicles with me in at the wheel. anyway, so far o have managed not to roll over anyone, but it is a l;ittle bit stress inducing.

i have learned that worried daughters will start phoning at 7 am and if the cell phone is out of reach, they both will keep phoning over and over til i finish in the bathroom and find that silver little nosiy sucker, which takes quite awhile because of the many varied, and interesting obstacles in my way.

and i have learned that if at great effort, you make your morning tea, way too sweet, you will drink it anyway because making it again is just not an option.



I can't offer much support from where I am at the moment Carol, except that we are thinking of you and hoping you heal quickly. As for those darn critturs getting in the way, I am forever tripping over these rescue Persians of mine.... They are just little lovebugs with no sense at all, except that they can recognise a good 'un!!! Hugs, Lisa


yes Cole and Maudie are, one reason they love to be out in the cold. Well at least Cole does, Maudie seems to but it could just be the "hooray! I'm outside! Wheeeee!" If Cole could pull he probably might maybe possibly be bribed into it.. Maudie would just because. I think? who else.. Tyra might think it fun but would probably do the rolling over and getting tangled in the harness. hmm... think we could convice Copper the chubby to pull? it would be good exercise!
i need to sleep... see you all in the morning!


Hey, Julie I like that idea. Both Cole and Maude are some kind of northern dog, aren't they? A sled, we need a sled!! Carol can become a musher!

Well, we are gradually working out all the kinks in the system - I spent the day running around picking up this, that and the other. We have ordered hay so we do need the garage cleaned out (again!) so we have somewhere to store it. Anyone coming out on Saturday with a few minutes to spare is welcome to hike dog food bags and cans from the garage to the storage room behind it - just put it up HIGH and securely so the dogs don't have themselves a party. And leave the barn foods where they are (on the picnic table) so I can easily load those suckers into my truck when I have to move them to the barn. And we'll need to find a better place for the bar fridge, the generator and the snowblower. The 50 bales of hay take that WHOLE space.


you have your very own team of minions now Carol. use them well.. hey! a thought.. you hitch Maudie and Tyra up to a pull cart and they can pull you around the yard. But they might end up going different directions and you would fall out. That would be bad. ok never mind that idea.

Chris T

Just so there are no illusions Carol we all know you are crazy and we like you that way!

I am sure that everything will fall into a routine at SAINTS and the animals will eventually get out of your way. How are you doing for food?


(Comment from Jean, on
Carol's computer):
The items Carol mentions needing are taken care of - I am heading out on a shopping expedition right now.

And Carol, speaking as one who spent several months in a wheel chair - my animals did learn to keep out of the way, but only after I nearly ran over their poor tails a time or two (I still don't know how they didn't end up with broken tails!).