Rescue Journal

human pizza night

Alison  ·  Jan. 23, 2007

some of my co-workers came by with pizza tonight. they brought it to share with me (not the other crippled ones) you should have seen the dogs faces when 4 large pizza's walked in the doors and the hefty remainders walked right back out again (cuz i told them to take it with them for their lunches tomorrow) hah...that was a shock to the guys here (never take anything for granted) the little guys all did get some because we had the human pizza party in the cat room and they are pretty good at looking pathetic up close, but the big guys were out of luck i told them we would have a doggy pizza night this week so they can just wait til then.

i was worried that everyone would start with the leaking, "i gotta poop now" crap, (because these are all really great human caregivers but let's face it, saints is an alien world to the non nutty but still an animal lover) but they were pretty good, just a half dozen little wet accidents that were easy to tend to. except for mable may...she made a huge mess when she decided to jump off her low bed right into the five gallon water bowl and flood the entire room. sheesh! my friends had to move dog beds, and cat crates, and coffee tables and benches, and wheelchairs and heaters. they needed huge towels and several mops to soak it all up. mable may decided it was all just too busy so she went back to bed.

it was a really nice visit tho, we talked some about the animals, but we talked alot about global warming, and clients in common and other things too. i miss my job and all the good people i work with.



dogs eat poop so don't expect their recommendation to sway my opinion all that much.

Chris T

My favourite is black olives, mushrooms and fresh tomatoes!! I think we are having pizza on Friday too.


Okay, so it sounds like maybe this Friday night better be doggy pizza night - I'm buying (but one of those pizzas is gonna be shrimp and mushroom because even though you think that's a disgusting combination, it's my favourite and I've never met a dog that didn't like it either!!!).