Rescue Journal

everyone is home for pizza night

Alison  ·  Jan. 26, 2007

tigger woods looks very handsome with his remodelled face (that cyst on his cheek was huge!)

dex is still sleepy but awake enough to manage some pizza.

mable may is quite the pizza hound herself.

and trev thinks pizza night is just one of the better things in life at saints, maybe slightly more important than balls. sanderson thinks pizza night is THE best thing he has ever had. jack thinks pizza night should involve a ton MORE pizza and copper was woodling away, worried that the pizza might escape like it did earlier this week, but he did in fact get some tonight so he is content that all is right and fair in the saints world once again.

so...the news on mable and dex is not good.

no tumours in dex's esophagus, one side is completely paralysed and the other not far behind. i guess now it becomes a crap shoot, euth'ing him before it suddenly closes over too. still, i am not about to do it in the next few days, i want him to have some special time first. cooperate with me on this dex, please.

mable may...they can't quite decide what the heck that is in her belly, and i am still struggling with how far to take this. she is on antibiotics and pain meds for now and we will see what she says over the next few days.(besides, "more pizza please" and "where the heck are you going with that pizza box?!")



I'm so glad that everyone is home for the weekend... and it sounds like you guys are having a blast.


And my Charley got to enjoy her very first SAINTS pizza night, and helped herself to a whole slice just as it was about to enter my mouth (she was sitting on the couch with me). Then she entertained us by climbing right onto the coffee table - fortunately AFTER we had removed the pizza. I guess she thought if she did a table dance for us, we'd tuck a few dog cookies under her collar.
You'd sure never know Mabel May is a sick doggy - that girl has so much personality and stands up with her paws on the table watching where every morsel of pizza goes. I hope Dex and Mabel May have some great days left with us - they are both such wonderful dogs. Extra lovins for them this weekend.