Rescue Journal

wheelchair musings

Alison  ·  Jan. 26, 2007

mabel may is not doing well...the bleeding is getting worrisome, and the xrays showed a funky mass on one of her kidneys...hmmm, not to keen on surgery for a 15 year old blind/deaf princess, not too keen on letting her bleed to death either...apparently she has alot to say about being abandoned down at the vets and she is saying it quite frequently. i think i want her home for the weekend and we will think about it together.

still waiting to hear on dex...jean continues with her car trouble so she might not be able to go get him. i am thinking if i can get eva over to get me to the van, i can go and get him as the clinic staff will load him up for me. i am sure he wants to come home tonight too.

i finally got the couch for little bit today but i ended up sharing it with sissy, wilbur, beaver and maude so i gave up and just gave the whole thing over. i bought it for them and they know it. (i would have bought something softer and stuffier to sink into for me)

have i said recently that i am surrounded by the absolutely cutest, funniest, nicest animals in the world? gosh they are all so very lovely.



if ellen can't get him and you don't be crazy and drive over there, i can pick him up on my way in tomorrow morning, just let me know.