Rescue Journal

what a great day today

Alison  ·  Jan. 27, 2007

lot's of visitors, new and old friends who chipped in to help...the animals had a great day that ended with a great dinner (courtesy of deb) for the last of us, still here into the evening to share the largesse with our animal friends. sam and her assistent came and did toes and ears, families came and spent the day together giving, and sharing and working, cathy came and groomed the horses and hosed spritely's leg, almost everyone had a mop in their hands at least once to mop up a puddle from some little leaky soul. every single animal here felt special, great company, great treats and a whole army of people who thought that they were mighty fine plus those of us that are here for them each and every week and still think they are all mighty fine too.

we welcome vanessa who will be working up here on a regular basis a couple of days each week and i just know how much the animals are going to enjoy her company and so will i.

days are what we make of them, we can turn them dark and upside down with turmoil or we can fill them with goodness and light. i just have to keep looking at the faces that surround me and that light shines thru and makes this little world at saints glow bright.

i love these guys. and i love when others are touched by them too.