Rescue Journal

hmmm, still figuring stuff out.

Alison  ·  Feb. 1, 2007

i crutched around too much yesterday and today my foot is a priority. it doesn't hurt, but it is swollen and there are new pressure sores from a boot too tight. so...that sucks, but i have the boot on loosely today and i won't touch a crutch for a couple of days and then we will see if i can do better.

i totally missed maudie going out the front door this morning with the rest of the kitchen crew. but she just did her business and came right back in. thank god i didn't have to try to chase after her in the wheelchair!

i am really concerned about moses, i had to shut him inside last night, he just keeps wandering til exhaustion sends him down. i am so sorry everyone, i don't think he can go on much longer and i am just not mobile enough to get to him when outside to re-orientate him when he is so confused. i am planning on letting him go within the next week depending on when colleen can come. it is so much easier when they are actvely dying of something but sometimes they just wear out. he is not having fun anymore and i don't know how to give that back to him again.

afternoon edit...apparently i did not let maudie out into the front yard this morning, i didn't think i had. miss maudie has now decided it is faster to scale the chain link fence from the dog area and come in thru the front door. i guess that way she can block me from getting out the door. she needs therapy.



Hmm... I wrote a comment during my break and it showed up, but now it is gone. (Looks like I entered my email address incorrectly from my classroom workstation), so I'll try again:

Poor Moses - he has been progressively getting more confused and weary, and it is hard to see him like that. He is a little lost soul and such a gentle one. He will be missed very much. Let me know if you would like me to be there, Carol (if my work schedule allows).

Crutches are a bummer! Take care of yourself - keep that darn foot up as much as possible!!! What did you say to me when you first came home - two hours with the foot up for every one hour with it down????


i know mo, don't worry i will give you time to be here. colleen will call tomorrow to arrange, i am thinking early next week, and he will enjoy the work party on saturday, lot's of good food and cuddles, that will be a good day for him to have one last saints hurrah.


Hmmmm perhaps popping in here during work is not the best idea, I knew this was coming... please please please if it's not urgent wait for me to see him.. I'll come tonight if you think it is tomorrow. I'd rather be there also...