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Should we take this on?????

Alison  ·  Feb. 1, 2007

i got a call from trina at CAC regarding a 4-5 month old, undeterminate large breed, starved demodex pup with wounds so deep, her tendons are showing thru. she is currently at the vets on IV antibiotics and morphine. trina has posted her on brindle and contacted others in rescue. since she is a pup, it is more appropriate for her to go elsewhere, but if trina is unable to find another place for her, i have agreed to take her here at least until she is less medically intensive...but...i will only do this if i have firm committments from saints volunteers to assisting with 3 x weekly baths because she is around 30 pounds now as starved, she is going to get a heck of alot heavier with food and i cannot lift her in and out of the tub right now. no point in taking her if we can't provide the care.

what does everyone think?



oh yay! one off the worry, about the 16 yr old gsd/huskyx....


According to Gail from BHR, this puppy is an adult GSD, and is going to a foster home tomorrow. (Info. from thread on Brindle).


years ago, i had annabelle (we called her the trainwreck). i was at the vets when this man brought in a little 12 week old rotti pup for euth. she had a broken foreleg and belly wounds (the man's adult pit bull had gone at her, i think his dog was just a big moron who didn't know his own power, he easily could have killed her and the belly wounds weren't all that deep) anyway, he didn't want to pay the medical costs and euth was cheaper, so i put on my sweetest, non threatening voice and said, gee, she is cute, i will take her and fix her up. and he laid her in my arms and walked away.
she wasn't in our mandate then either (i ran a cat shelter back then, but my house was full of old broken down dogs) arthur was a blind shepherd whose eye i had to remove, and he fell in love. he would play with her every second that she was awake and lay there waiting, with his nose tucked into her cone when she was asleep.
she drove me nuts because puppies like annabelle with destructor jaws and unlimited innocent train wreck ability are insane and i did find her a great home as soon as i could. but the old guys missed her, they liked watching her, and playing with her, they liked teaching her manners, it made them feel powerful and big.
soooo...if she can find somewhere to go, that is good and i can maintain a marginal grip on my sanity for a little while longer...if not, then we shall see. maybe if we restore her to health, LAPS or VAS will help us place her? (and really quick??)

Chris T

I agree with Jean - I think it will be hard on the other SAINTS and she does not really fit the mandate. However you seem to be one of the few who is willing to take these complicated medical cases.


I'd be willing to do 1 day on the week-end & come out one evening during the week, however perhaps we should wait & see if Trina gets any response to her post on brindle... I'm thinking she just posted recently.. It is definatley not a great time to to a special needs on, but my god the poor thing .. are YOU absolutley sure you want to take this on , even with a committment from volunteers.. cuz lets face it.. at the end of the day & before the sun rises again... it's just you.


I didn't realize the pup was so, that really complicates things - chewing, into everything, high energy (once it is feeling better and no longer emaciated), wanting to play with the old crippled ones, chasing cats.....oooooh.....pups are a big challenge! I think it could really be hard on some of our other SAINTS.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed another solution comes up for this one.
But if not, I'll commit to bathing it on at least one of those three days per week.