Rescue Journal

i was pretty good today

Alison  ·  Feb. 2, 2007

i fully intended to stay off the crutches, but then the lawyers office called and i had to go sign some documents so i made a quick trip into town and eva decided i wasn't crutching around parking spaces on the lougheed hwy so she came along to babysit me. while we were out, we did the feed run. i paid, she hauled, really not very fair (i would rather haul than pay!)

and then gideon did not look well tonight so i had to go and see him, he was fine (just pissed at jean for putting on the new door lock so he turned his back on her and told her to "f" off for wrecking his fun) and while i was there i had to see tunie and feed her cookies and check on spritely and kiss the donkeys and apologise to carl for messing around while he was eating his dinner and let swinger know that i still know he is a jerk (apparently he squished jeans toe tonight)...i forgot to say hi to the sheep tho, so i am going to see them tomorrow just to say hi.

copper is mad at andy, who is sleeping in the bed that copper wants...OMG could he bark and fuss for another hour pleeeeeese??!!, geez copper pick a different bed and give it up, andy ain't moving just cuz you say so!

the killer tree is down and hopefully the work party tomorrow can make it safe down there for the farm animals to walk around. i am sending jean on a bottled water, beer and pop run. working people get thirsty, so chris can feed them and i will keep them hydrated and happy. or maybe i will just sit in my wheelchair at the top of the hill and watch them and drink a beer. (i can't drink more than one because my face goes numb)...that sounds like fun too.

i think saints would make a good beer commercial. the slogan could be...."good people drink good beer"

thx everyone who is coming to lend us a hand (and 2 good feet), it is greatly appreciated by all the crippled crew esp. me.

maudie was giving everyone heck today, me for going out, sandy for coming in, the cats for being here in general, and michael for being a troll. nicole took the dogs for a run, and michael rushed along to join them so she let him go too. he looks pretty happy tonight so i think he had fun. colleen came to help work but everything was done, so she helped jean bed down the barn guys and then we ate deb and chris's chili and julie's mom's homemade bread toasted. it was a good dinner and none of it was cooked by me!



It's a deal Carol!

(I don't know what Rocko's is but I'm game)

Have a great day.


ahhhh jez, you haven't been out here for a long time. i think you need a vacation day some day soon. i will treat you to rocko's.


I am sorry that I have to work tomorrow and miss all of the hard and fun work out at Saints! :(

I will be thinking of you all and hope everything goes swimmingly.