Rescue Journal

time in a bottle (good thing i don't drink)

Alison  ·  Feb. 2, 2007

except the occasional baileys in tea or hot amazes me how sore and tired i get sitting in a wheel chair or hopping around on one foot. i never felt like this when i was hauling around hundreds of pounds of hay and feed, when i was mucking out stalls, and fields and when i was literally running late from morning to night between my real job and here. i think i didn't have time to be tired, each day just slipped past in moments it seemed. now time drags, each day longer and slower than the day before, 20 minute tasks that seem to take hours. OMG, i have fallen into a slow motion time warp!

but i have to say this place (inside at least) is much cleaner than when i am working. i guess because i really do have the time now to sit at ready with the mop in hand, i really am here to open and close the doors and let them in and out many times a day, and i finally have the time to keep on top of the laundry and stop those monsterous piles from forming. a broken ankle has reduced the sum of my lifes work to that of a door man, a cleaning and washing person...i have become carol burnett with her bucket in tow.

it makes me wonder as i develop different muscles and get used to always sitting down and moving weak and lazy am i going to be in april when i finally can get up again and move. what if this has wrecked me and made me soft??? oh i am shuddering at the thought of a lifetime of couch-potatohood.

oh well, i guess i will get a wake up call in april, one that says "move that lazy butt" and i will take some tylenol for the aches and pains, open doors, and fold wash, and mop the floors and fuss away the time in slow motion til then.

i bet you never knew that deep down, i have always been lazy....i just hid it with all the work that i used to do.



Quote of Carol

"i bet you never knew that deep down, i have always been lazy….i just hid it with all the work that i used to do"

HA HA HA ... Carol.... Lazy.. that's that the laugh of the century !!!! You are what BC Hydro would call Work Smart... you find the most ingenious ways of accommplishing a multitude of tasks, getting from A to B with maximum use of time & minimal use of resources... CEO's get paid MEGA BUCKS for what you do daily, day in & day out, year after year. This must be so very frustrating for you.... I have a couple sayings I use when I am feeling frustrated & out of sorts...

1 - That which does not kill me, makes me stronger.
2 - This too shall pass.