Rescue Journal

a sad goodbye

Nicole  ·  Feb. 4, 2007

i got a phone call from my best friend today with the news that they were going to let their wonderful and sweet 12 year old dog go today. He has been sick for the last year and had really gone down hill in the last few months (suspected tumor). I met Amanda and her brother and sister and went with them to the vets with Dex to say goodbye. He wasn't my dog, but it was so amazingly hard saying good bye to the once super fit dog who's body was half it's former self.
12 years ago they adopted Dexter as a pup from the spca, he was so little. He was a german shepherd-collie cross and had dainty little paws, so I always called him princess, which amanda never appreciated.
I used to try to convince amanda that dex and georgie could be friends, but he never thought that was a good idea cause he was scared of georgie (she could be a little much), she would run to him and he would run and hide behind amanda. I'm pretty sure that if i had brought sandy over they both would have hid from each other.
Rest in Peace Dexter, you are one of the greatest dogs ever and you have changed the lives of your family all for the better and you will be so missed.


Chris T

I am sorry for your and your friend's loss. Hug Honey and Sandy a little closer tonight.


The Dexters of the world , at least the ones I've known, have been truly amazing. Sorry for this loss. How nice that they have a friend like you who will walk through this with them.. Hugs .


Nicole, I'm sorry you have lost a friend. It sounds like you and "Princess" Dex had a lovely relationship.
Rest well, Dexter.


Hugs to you Nicole; I'm sorry for your friend's loss. Thank you for going with them to help them through this sad day.


i am sorry for your friend's and your loss too nicole, he sounds like a great dog.