Rescue Journal

Michael, Moses & Dexter

Nicole  ·  Feb. 5, 2007

Here's some video I took this weekend, mostly Michael causing me stress. I have never seen him have so much energy.
They are a little big and will take about 30 seconds to load once you have clicked on the link (don't keep clicking it).
Gate Rush



Thank you so much for the video. It was so nice to "Handsome Dexter" with his red coat. I am so happy to see he is still walking and loving it! He looks soooooooo happy now. A far cry from the old lab found wandering the streets. Thank you to everyone that is making Dex and every other soul at Saints a peaceful place for old timers that may not get a second chance. You are all angels on earth. Please keeps the videos to watch then :-)


what a beautiful day for them both, sunny and dry. michael looks so happy, dex is so handsome in his red padded coat, and moses, when he comes to you for reassurence, that is so him. thank you nicole!


Nicole, those are wonderful! Our old troll Michael is having such a ball, and the part where Moses comes up and rests his head in your hand brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.