Rescue Journal

nicole, we needed you and your movie camera tonight....

Alison  ·  Feb. 6, 2007

it matters not if you are wearing a cast and maybe tonight you might be in pain. it matters not at all if you are somewhat sad, or tired or anything at all. all that matters is that you are on that couch with 3 pillows for your sore leg and 1 pillow to raise up your head, and 2 blankets to share plus keep yourself warm and a fake sheepskin pad so you don't stick to the leather while you are there. because nothing matters except who or what collectively is on that couch, how it can be used and feels to the chi's. it is to be laid on and walked over and rolled upon. it is to be burrowed under and over and thru. it is to be licked and played with and looked at with sad eyes to get as much more of it as they possibly can. and finally all it matters is it be theirs all alone as their antics and acrobatics drive you back to your lonely and uncomfortable wheelchair. little squirmy brats.



Oh my do deserve your own comfy bed. BUT that is love they are conveying to you. You are the best friend they have in that house and they know you are their main love!! Maybe another red couch with ability to be turned into a king size would be the answer -- just think how my babies could sleep with you then! Do you need more Kuranda beds at this time? I would like to order two if they are still in need. I am so sorry to hear about your recent losses. When I read about their pass to rainbow bridge I go back to the pictures to remember who they were. I sure wish I was there to help in some way while you are recuperating but that is not possible. I am hoping this summer to make a trip out there to spend some time at SAINTS and really get involved while I am there. Take care and keep it easy as you can. Diane