Rescue Journal

2 more dogs in urgent need

Alison  ·  Feb. 8, 2007

one is a 8 or 9 yr old golden shepx...beautiful and very big, the other is much younger and quite a bit smaller, another golden shepx with goofy ears.

we saw them at the vets last night, the family had surrendered them for euth or re-homing. apparently they were allowed to roam free on the farm and they amused themselves with chasing horses and riders that rode along the dykes that bordered their property.

the vet only has 3 large dog kennels and those guys are squished into one. she doesn't want to euth but she isn't finding alot of interest in adoption or help from the rescue community (including me).

so i said i would ask nicole to get their photo's on saturday when she comes out to saints, and maybe we can poster and plaster their story and help them to find a safe place to land.

these are really, really nice dogs who just had too much freedom and time on their hands and amused themselves in a not so amusing to riders way. they would do better as town dogs with couches, and fences and leashes and limits set on their ability to make their own decisions. they would do better with a family that took alot more care.



i will get photos of them on saturday morning and i'll bring my laptop so we can make a poster to send out.


kelly is going to courtesy post them on her rescue site, if anyone else can do that and get them as much exposure as possible, that would be really helpful too.
once we have their photo's/bio's we can forward them on to anyone who can post them up on their sites and hopefully they can be adopted right from the vets and not even need to go into rescue. that would be nice.