Rescue Journal

I.... am a color coordinated chick magnet!

Alison  ·  Feb. 8, 2007

i seem to attract black and tan or black and orange females. maudie, lexie and tyra adore me. jazz loves everyone, but she does love me just a little bit better. lola and julie (both tortes) HAVE to sleep at least touching me and preferably right on me. everyone here loves me, they have to love someone and i am kind of it...but those girls? it goes above and beyond normal...maybe it is kind of wierd.

oh well, i have no idea what colorful karma i carry around, but apparently it makes me pretty special to a certain few.



Oh the things that are running through my twisted brain! MUST....NOT....WRITE! Titling a blog " a colour coordinated chick magnet" is just mean when you have trouble with the useage of certain words and you also write for an diverse audience. MUST.....NOT.....GIVE......IN!